Internal Critique

May 10, 2013 - May 11, 2013
University of Essex

United Kingdom

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Following last year's University of Essex Workshop on 'Ought & Cannot', a few of us will be getting together for another informal workshop on 'Internal Critique'. The workshop will address questions concerning the internal critique of a culture or society: what makes a critique "internal"? what is the difference between internal and external critique? is internal critique possible, valuable, or necessary? We'll be following a standard format: 8 papers over 2 days, with presentation and questions/discussion time in each session.   All welcome, no fee. If you have questions about travel or accommodation please contact either Matt Bennett ( or Matteo Falomi (
The schedule will run as follows:

Friday 10 May, Room 5S.4.9, Colchester Campus, University of Essex
1000 - 1100 Fabian Freyenhagen 'Can critique be neither immanent nor external?'
1130 - 1230 Matteo Falomi 'Criticizing a culture as a whole'
1230 - 1400 Break for lunch (own arrangements)
1400 - 1500 Camillia Kong 'The Eyes of the Janus-Face are Closed: Challenges to Gadamerian Prejudice and Hermeneutical Consciousness'
1530 - 1630 Titus Stahl - guest speaker, Goethe Universität Frankfurt - 'Immanent Critique, Power, and Ideology'

Saturday 11 May, Room 5S.4.9, Colchester Campus, University of Essex (AMENDED SCHEDULE)
1130 - 1230 Dan Watts 'Logical Aliens and Vegetative States'
1230 - 1400 Break for lunch (own arrangements)
1400 - 1500 Timo Jütten: ‘The Internal Critique of Commodification’
1530 - 1630 Tom Whyman: 'Priestly Pretentiousness?: Adorno's Light of Redemption'

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