CFP: New Perspectives on Joint Attention

Submission deadline: June 30, 2023

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Special Issue of Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy

New Persepctives on Joint Attention

We welcome any submissions that discuss the nature of, or the application of, joint attention. We especially welcome submissions that discuss the role that joint attention might play in areas that are under-discussed in the literature – e.g., the role of joint attention within a religious context, political context, anthropological context, online environment, or how it manifests within, or otherwise affects aspects of mental health or well-being. The issue will contain a selection of invited contributions with the aim of widening the focus of the philosophical discussion on joint attention. In addition, the issue is open to submissions focusing on implications, structure, and manifestations of joint attention in the mind and world perceived as social.

Confirmed contributors:

Sophie Grace Chappell (Open University)

Ophelia Deroy (Ludwig Maximilian University Munich)

Alessandro Duranti (University of California, Los Angeles)

Isabel Kaeslin (University of Fribourg)

Henrike Moll (University of Southern California)

Sylvia Panizza (University College Dublin)

Michael Schmitz (University of Vienna)

Axel Seemann (Bentley University)

Guest Editors: Anna Bloom-Christen (UCLA) and Michael Wilby (Anglia Ruskin Unversity)

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