CFP: Edited volume on Retraction

Submission deadline: April 2, 2023

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VOLUME: Retraction Matters. New Developments in the Philosophy of Language

VENUE: Springer (Synthese Library collection)


EDITORS: Dan Zeman & Mihai Hîncu

DEADLINE: April 2, 2023


Retraction (the act of "taking back" a previous assertion due to, e.g., a change in perspective) has been appealed to in the debate between various semantic views about "perspectival expressions" (predicates of taste, epistemic modals, aesthetic adjectives, moral terms, epistemic vocabulary etc.). This phenomenon has been taken to favor relativism about such expressions (at least in one of its forms) over its rivals. Recently, various challenges to using retraction data to support relativism have surfaced in the literature, of both a theoretical and an empirical nature. On the other hand, there is a growing literature on determining what exactly retraction amounts to, mostly done from within the framework of Speech Act Theory. This volume focuses on assessing the new challenges for retraction, ascertaining whether relativism can answer them, and bringing together the two strands of literature. Both empirical and theoretical approaches will be included in the volume.


Among the main questions tackled by the contributors should be the following:

- How robust is the phenomenon of retraction?

- What form should the appeal to retraction in support of one or another semantic view take?

- Is retraction mandatory? Is relativism committed to taking retraction to be mandatory?

- What exactly do the recent experimental studies on retraction show vis-à-vis the semantic debate about perspectival expressions?

- What is the best account of retraction within Speech Act Theory?

- How can such accounts shed light on the current debate about perspectival expressions in connection to retraction?


Lwenn Bussière, Luca Incurvati, Giorgio Sbardolini & Julian Schlöder

Laura Caponetto

Andy Egan

Quill Kukla

Teresa Marques

Jeremy Wyatt & Joseph Ulatowski

Dan Zeman


Papers tackling these and related issues no longer than 7500 words should be sent to danczeman@gmail and [email protected] by APRIL 2, 2023.

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