The Seventh Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America

October 18, 2013 - October 20, 2013
Department of Philosophy, Yale University

Faculty Lounge of the Hall of Graduate Studies (Room 211)
320 York Street
New Haven
United States


  • Leibniz Society of North America


New York University
Thomas Feeney
Yale University
York University

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Friday, October 18

    2:00-3:15  Ohad Nachtomy (Bar Ilan/Fordham): "Ce qu'il vienne de dire de la double infinité n'est qu'une entrée dans mon system: Leibniz’s Response to Pascal on Infinity and the Nature of Living Beings”

    3:30-4:45  Giovanni Merlo (Barcelona): “Complexity, Existence and Infinite Analysis”

    5:00-6:15  Steve Steward (Syracuse): “Solving the Lucky and Guaranteed Proof Problems”

Saturday, October 19

    9:00-10:15  Julia Jorati (Ohio State): “Three Types of Spontaneity, Teleology and Monadic Actions”

    10:30-11:45  Christopher Noble (Villanova): “Is Knowledge Necessary for Action? Leibniz and the Occasionalists”

    2:00-3:15  Marine Picon (ENS Lyon): “Another Look at Leibniz and Platonism”

    3:30-4:45  Peter Myrdal (Uppsala): “Why are Faculties Unintelligible? The Metaphysical Basis of Leibniz’s Criticism of Aristotelian Powers”

    5:00-6:00  LSNA Business Meeting

Sunday, October 20

    9:00-10:15  John Whipple (Illinois, Chicago): “Discours Exoterique in the Essais de Theodicée: Moral and Physical Evil”

    10:30-11:45  Gregory Brown (Houston): “Leibniz on the Possibility of a Spatial Vacuum”

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October 18, 2013, 5:00am EST

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