Cognition Enacted

March 31, 2014
Kingston University

United Kingdom

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Distributed Thinking Symposium VI
Cognition Enacted
31 March 2014
Kingston University London

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Rooms JG2012 and JG2003 (John Galsworthy Building)
09:00 Coffee JG2012
09:15 Opening remarks JG2003
09:30 Adam Toon: Situating Styles
10:00 Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau: The Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Systemic Thinking
10:30 Stephen Cowley: Replacing Representations
11:00 Coffee
11:15 Nick Shipp: Influencing Categorical Choices through Physical Object Interaction
11:45 Chris Baber: No Anticipation without Representation?
12:30 Lunch and poster presentations
Johanne Stege Bjørndahl: Thinking Together with Material Representations: The Role of Joint Epistemic Actions in Creative Cooperation
Charlotte Harris: It All Adds up: Interactivity and Expertise in Mental Arithmetic
Matthew Harvey: Enaction, Anti-representationalism, and Content in Natural Languaging
Angeliki Makri: Changing the Cognitive Landscape: Material Engagement in Problem Solving
13:30 Lisa Guthrie: Dynamic Problem Solving: The Effect and Affect of Interactivity on Mental Arithmetic
14:00 Jens Koed Madsen: Drawing in Negatives: Exploring the Theoretical Placement of the SPIMP Cognitive Model of Persuasion
14:30 Lucas Bietti: Aligning Behaviors in Everyday Conversations about Shared Memories
15:00 Frédéric Vallée-Tourangeau: Insight Enacted
15:30 Coffee
15:45 Orestis Palermos: Knowledge and Cognitive Integration
16:15 Dan Hutto: Radical Enactivist: Rethinking Basic

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