CFP: The Philosophy Shop

Submission deadline: March 31, 2012

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The Philosophy Foundation (formerly The Philosophy Shop - an educational charity that does philosophy in schools: ) have recently signed a contract with Crown House Publishing to produce a book called 'The Philosophy Shop'. A mix of ideas / stimuli / thought experiments / activities / (very) short stories / questions / pictures / music to get people thinking philosophically and about philosophy.

The proceeds of the book are going towards The Philosophy Foundation charity, to help realise the charity's aims which include being able to support disadvantaged children who want to study philosophy at University, supporting philosophy in schools in deprived areas, and bringing the benefits of learning good thinking to children that might not otherwise get such an opportunity.

Primarily aimed at teachers to use as enquiries in the classroom, class starter-activities, or something to get brains ticking, it can also be used by parents or interested individuals who like to think but who don't have the time for reading essays and books. The Philosophy Shop book will contain many 'ins' to the topics, issues, problems and puzzles of philosophy. It is designed really only to start the reader's lines of enquiry around these problems.

We are looking for further contributions for the book and if you are interesting in putting forward an idea or two please email [email protected] so she can send you examples of the type of thing we are after. Contributions will need to be submitted by March 31st (ideally sooner).

The book is due for publication in October / November 2012, all contributors will receive two copies of the book, website details in the back of the book as well as obviously being credited for their contribution. 

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