CFP: 3rd Annual Bath Spa Colloquium for Global Philosophy and Religion

Submission deadline: January 20, 2017

Conference date(s):
March 17, 2017 - March 18, 2017

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Conference Venue:

Department of Religions, Philosophies, and Ethics, Bath Spa University
Bath, United Kingdom

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Plenary Speakers include:

Professor Rein Raud, University of Tallinn, Estonia.

Educational environments are becoming ever-more international with increasing focus on the mobility of people and of ideas. The globalisation of education poses particular challenges and opportunities.

We invite abstract submissions for papers and panels that will examine ideas surrounding education in the context of global philosophy and religion. If philosophy and religion are recognised as global phenomena, how might this impact on understandings of and approaches to education? How do culturally divergent views of education and its philosophical significance differ?

Typically, the teaching of philosophy has concentrated, narrowly, upon the Western analytic tradition with limited (although increasing) exposure to alternative philosophical traditions. But what follows for the teaching of philosophy if the framework is opened up to a truly global and comparative engagement? Does inter- and trans-tradition learning require a firm foundation in one specific tradition, or can philosophy be taught “globally” from the outset? Further, what is the relevance of research into inter- and trans-disciplinarity for teaching global philosophy? Related questions concern the pressures against the globalisation of the philosophy curriculum and challenges posed by an increasingly mobile student population.

The situation in the study of religions is somewhat different: study of religions has long been a globally-engaged discipline. But what does the internationalization of curricula mean for the frameworks of ‘comparative religions’, ‘world religions’, ‘new religious movements’, and ‘alternative religions’? In light of the emergence of the study of non-religion and unbelief, how are the disciplinary boundaries of religious studies retained, if at all?

Equally, we welcome papers that engage with pedagogical models informed by philosophical and religious traditions from both/either Western and non-Western perspectives. We also encourage submissions of an interdisciplinary nature and those which call into question the comportment of their own disciplines.

Possible topics include:

  • Education and Universal Values 

  • Philosophies of Education 

  • Theology and Global Philosophy 

  • Religious/Theological Education in the Modern World 

  • Education and Environment in Global Context 

  • Ethics of Transnational Education 

  • Education and Culture 

  • Education and the Arts 

  • Education and Global Citizenship 

  • World Philosophy and the Contemporary Academy

  • Disciplinary boundaries of philosophy, theology and study of religions

  • Education and Culture  

  • Master-student relations in Asian philosophy

In addition, we plan to hold a special session on ‘Theology and Global Philosophy’ - see separate Call for Papers.

The deadline for submissions is 20 January 2017, however, early submissions will be viewed favorably and abstracts will be reviewed on a rolling basis. For any questions please contact the Colloquium organizers: Dr. Sarah Flavel Dr. Russell Re Manning

Please submit your abstract (500 words max) as an email attachment to either of the above addresses.

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