CFP: Annals of the Japan Society for Philosophy of Science - Special Issue on the Philosophy of Mental Time

Submission deadline: February 24, 2018

Topic areas


Human experience takes place in time, but we also appear to experience time – or the passing of time – itself. While this may seem a rather obvious observation, it raises a number of puzzling questions. How do we experience time? What exactly do we experience when we experience time? Do we actually experience time? Or do we infer time from something in or some aspect of our experience?

These are questions that are not likely to be (satisfactorily) answered by philosophers alone, but that need the input of neuroscientists, psychologists, and others, and conversely, answers to these questions may have implications outside the scope of philosophy.

The subject matter of this workshop is "mental time", the experience and awareness of time, including that of past, present, and future. Its scope is interdisciplinary – we invite contributions that straddle the boundaries between philosophy and the empirical sciences, or between different sciences or different branches (etc.) of philosophy.

Topics we would like to see addressed include – but are not limited to – the following.

* Perceiving the present. --- For example, duration of the experienced present (i.e. the specious present), discrete vs. continuous present, ...

* Perceiving the past and future. --- Memory, mental time travel, future concern, the anticipation of death, and related topics.

* Time in ethics and social philosophy. --- Future generations and distributive justice, the relevance of time awareness for moral status, and so forth

* Time awareness and the metaphysics of time. --- Can aspects of our experience and awareness of time contribute to solving the metaphysical puzzles about time (such as those of the A Theory vs. B Theory, presentism vs. eternalism, 3Dism vs. 4Dism, and so forth)? Conversely, can the metaphysics of time improve the (philosophical and/or scientific) understanding of the experience of time?

A special issue of the Annals of the Japan Society for Philosophy of Science is scheduled for publication in 2019. The deadline for submissions of proposed contributions to that special issue is February 24, 2018. Papers selected for the special issue will go through the normal peer review process after selection.

There is a nearly identical CFP for a conference that will be held in Tokyo on November 25, 2017. The deadline for submissions for that conference is July 29, 2017. Participants in that conference can – if so desired – revise their conference paper and then submit it for the special issue of the Annals (i.e. what this CFP is for) . (But participation in the November conference is not a requirement for contributing to the special issue.)

For further information, feel free to contact the conference organizers. The first organizer, prof. Takashi Iida, will be the guest editor of the special issue of the Annals. (Email addresses can be found on the Project Group's homepage. See URL below.)

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