Cinema, Philosophy and Children’s World

July 9, 2019 - July 10, 2019
FCSH Universidade Nova de Lisboa, IFILNOVA Institute of Philosophy

Avenida de Berna

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Universidade Nova de Lisboa

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We are opening a call for papers for contributions for the International Conference Cinema, Philosophy and Children’s World.

Predicted possible topics include, but are not limited to Cinema and...:

-       Children’s experiences and their epistemological and political impact

-       Pedagogy and its other: approaching children from an adult’s perspective

-       Different philosophical approaches to childhood and their cinematic reflection

-       Perception, Knowledge and Recognition

-       The Meaning of Shared Values

-       Growth, Aggression and Violence

-       Strong affects: On Laughing and Crying at the Cinema

-       Transformation and mimesis

-        Other cinematic or philiosophical approaches

We welcome approaches from different philosophical and film theory perspectives, as well as approaches related to other scientific areas and subjects beyond philosophy and film theory while holding philosophical and film theory insights. Also, we hope this conference will not be limited to content of reflection based on any specific period of Cinema or Philosophy, nor any specific genre, and hope that the final programme will provide a rich plural perspective of the topic. The conference will be a good contribution to the Cinema and Philosophy Studies by deepening the pedagogical and educational meaning of Cinema while it will also contribute to the reflection on just how Cinema and Philosophy have similarly impact on attitudes and values.

Information about submission:

To apply, please send your proposal in Word and PDF formats containing your name, institutional affiliation, email address, abstract (up to 500 words), five keywords and a short CV for each author/co-author (up to 300 words) to, by April 20 2019.

The notification of acceptance will be on April 25th 2019.

The International Conference Cinema, Philosophy and Children’s World will be held in Ifilnova, NOVA FCSH, Lisbon, July 9 – July 10, 2019.

The time for presentations is limited to 20 minutes.

Proposals must be submitted in English.

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