Christians and Their Religious Freedom

July 15, 2019 - July 20, 2019
Faculty of Theology, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland

Gagarina 37

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  • Ministry of Justice, Government of Poland
  • Institute of Justice

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Aid to the Church in Need, an international pastoral aid organization, estimates that today, even three-quarters of all victims of religious persecution are Christians. Our Summer School aims to increase students’ sensitivity and awareness to the presence of persecution, various forms of discrimination and prejudices against Christians, and to indicate ways to counteract these tendencies. The workshops will include lectures and seminars. The classes will be conducted by invited specialists:
dr Saša Horvat (Croatia), dr Daniel Moulin-Stożek (Great Britain), prof. Martin Tamcke (Germany), dr Maria Moulin-Stożek (Great Britain)

The participants of the Summer School are asked to prepare a 20-minute presentations on the theme selected from the list of suggested topics. Due to the limited number of places, applications will be considered based on the substantive evaluation of the original written work.

It is possible to include issues from the legal, historical, sociological, philosophical,
anthropological, cultural and religious studies, literary studies, media studies and others.

Language: English, the length of presentation: 4000–6000 characters (with spaces), format: pdf, subject: religious freedom - threats, insights, solutions. The application form should be sent with an abstract of 1000-2000 words in English with keywords.\

The application form should be sent to Deadline: 15th April 2019.

The organizers provide accommodation, meals and materials for participants.
Summer School organizers do not cover travel costs.

Suggested topics:
-The Portrayal of Christians in the Media – Film, Comics, Music, Literature, Theatre
- Christianophobia – its Genesis, Manifestation and Types
- A Thief and Pedophile – the Most Widespread Stereotypes of Christian Clergymen
- Christians in a Social Dialogue
- Decisions of Family Courts due to the Religious Views of Parents

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