Pythagoras Seminar by Daniel Levy

May 9, 2020 - May 11, 2020
International Academy of Euphony

Hotel Amalia, 1, Apollonos St. Delphi, 33054, Greece
Delphi 33054

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Intrenational Academy Of Euphony


International Academy Of Euphony

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Pythagoras' Wisdom for Our Time and the Future

9th-10th-11th May, 2020

A fascinating seminar dedicated to Pythagoras' timeless wisdom, led by Maestro Daniel Levy in one of the world's most inspirational location: DELPHI, GREECE.

This seminar explores Pythagoras’ teachings and their applications at all levels: education, medicine, music and science. It also explores the benefits for individuals, groups, communities and organisations. The seminar will demonstrate the applications of Pythagoras’ wisdom in the contemporary world.

There are places in the world that enshrine deep meanings for our civilizations, past, present and future.

Delphi (about one hundred miles northwest of Athens, Greece), is one of them. It is a place where Pythagoras was inspired in the 6th century BC and that can inspire all those interested in sharing knowledge and wisdom about the true nature of the human being as well as the evolution of human societies and habitats.


The seminar is aimed towards educators, psychologists, philosophers, therapists, musicians, artists, researchers and all those with an interest in transformative training through the seminar's core subject.

The seminar will include informative and inspiring speeches by Daniel Levy, participatory learning and hands-on experiences, including sound and music listening exercises. The overall method will encourage community building, harmonious relationships and self-expression among the participants.



* Teachings for our daily life.
* Food for the body and fulfilment of emotions and mind.
* Awakening of intuition. A tool for the future.
* The Music of Life. The inner values of music intervals.
* Healing with Melodies. A new therapy.
* The essence of sound applied to global education.
* New aspects of Geometry related to human behaviour.
* Right, Acute and Obtuse angles and the mind.
* The number as quality. Beyond quantity: the true richness.
* Science, Medicine and the Arts: the Sphere as unity and synergy.
* Listening: the forgotten power as a key to solve conflicts.
* Pythagoras and XXI century: patterns of change.
* Euphony as Harmony: practical exercises of movement, point of Listening and singing harmonics.



Registrations to the seminar are open until 15th of September 2019.

The registration fee for the workshop is 580 euros, which includes tuition and coffee breaks. If two people sign up together before the 15th of September 2019 the total price for both participants is 980 euros.



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September 15, 2019, 11:00pm EET

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