Philosophy of Education

November 20, 2019 - November 21, 2019
Department of Philosophy, Cairo University

Faculty of Arts Conference venue
Giza, Egypt 12613

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Cairo University

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The 6th Annual International Conference on Philosophy

 20-21 Cairo-Egypt 2019 ‘Philosophy of Education”

On the Occasion of the World Philosophy Day 21 November 2019

* This is a draft program and not the final program. Within each session, Please find your name and session. The draft program is disseminated for informational purposes only and can be subject to (hopefully very minor) change without further notice. Changing sessions and times is not possible. If there are typos (especially those regarding your name and affiliation), please email

Wednesday 20-11-2019

Welcome and Opening Remarks


 Hoda el Khouly: Head of the Department of Philosophy

 Ahmed el Sherbini: Dean of The faculty of Arts

 Mohamed Othman el Khosht: President of Cairo University


Keynote Speaker: Prof. Hassan Hanafi



First session


The Philosophy of Education: Basic Concepts President: Hassan Hanafi

-        Wilhelm Essler         The Philosophy of Education.

-        Jure Zovko                The Relevance of Hegel's Concept of Education for Contemporary Life.

-        Alexandros Basis     The Philosophy of Mathematics Education.

Second session

15.00 - 13.30

Philosophy of Education according to Ancient Greek Philosophy

President:  Mostafa el Nashaar

-        Mostafa Ramadan On Education      Socrates versus Plato.

-        Mahmoud Murad                                Philosophy of Education by the Sophists.

-        Karam al-Hawat                                   Philosophy of Education by Pythagorean Women.

16.00- 15.00


Third session

17.30 - 16.00

President: Raga Ahmed

Philosophy of Education according to Arab and Islamic world (1)

-        Sarah Mohamed Hashim         Duty of Philosophy towards our Educational and Societal Crises.

-        Qassim al-Mahbashi                 A Mindful Up bringing of Children through Philosophy.

-        Mohamed Wahba Afifi             Philosophy’s Potential in Improving Education.

-        Bumana Mohamed                   Philosophy for Children (P4C): Why and How?



-        Thursday 21-11-2019

-        Fourth session


President: Abd el Rady Radwan

Philosophy of Education according to Arab and Islamic world (2)

Fifth session


Philosophy for children P4C

President: Hoda el Khouly


-        Huda el Kafi              A Personal Account of Teaching Philosophy to Children in Tunisia.

-         Gamil Abul-Abbas Bakri.              Can Children Learn Philosophy?

-        Mohamed Omar Danash                Islamic Pedagogy.

-        Sixth session

-        13.00-14-30

President:  Said Tawfik

Philosophy of Education & Aesthetics

-        Alaa Helmy                      Cinematic Picture of Philosophy of Education.

-        Ali Sayed Abdul-Nabi    Meditations on Transcendental Philosophy and the Ego.

-        Fatma Mostafa               Popularizing Philosophy through Cinema.

-        Haytham el-Sayed          Learning Kids Logical Thinking through Play.


-        14.00-15.30





-        Seventh session

-        15.30-18.00

 President: Sherif Shaheen

Philosophy of Education & Technology

-        Wael Ahmed Sabra               Data Epistemology: Big Data as a Source of Knowledge.

-        Abdul-Halim Balwahim              Digital Education and Contemporary Challenges in the Arab World.

-        Karim el-Saiad       Fundamentals of Technology and Technology of Fundamentals-How the Internet-Society Affected the Concept of "Fundamentals of Religion and Fiqh" in the religious Education.


Conclusions & Remarks

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