Enhance Diversity Workshop III. Mentoring Relationships

May 1, 2020
LAS , University of Illinois at Chicago

Institute for the Humanities (Lower level of Stevenson Hall)
701 S Morgan St
Chicago 60607
United States

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University of Illinois


University of Illinois, Chicago
University of Illinois, Chicago

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Please join us at these three workshops to explore the concept of epistemic diversity.  Under this concept, we understand diversification concerning cognitive characteristics, such as personality, educational background, representation of and solutions to problems, and more. The main goal of these workshops is to make participants aware of this different notion of diversity and help them apply it to their professional lives. The workshops will take place these dates:

 (1) 4/8/2020, What is Epistemic Diversity

(2) 4/17/2020, Strategizing and Collaborating as a Minority

(3) 5/1/2020, Mentoring Relationships

This event is conceived as a professional development workshop that emphasizes the concept and application of epistemic diversity. Our target audience is primarily composed of undergraduate and graduate students. However, we encourage anyone interested in epistemic diversity to participate.  

The event will take place at the Institute for the Humanities (lower level of Stevenson Hall). Catering and coffee will be provided!

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