CFP: Call for Papers: Philosophy of Worship (Jewish and other approaches)

Submission deadline: October 1, 2021


Title: Call for Papers Philosophy of Worship: Jewish and other approaches
The Journal for Analytic Theology will be publishing a special issue on the nature and value of worship with a special concentration on Jewish approaches to the topic.

In recent years, philosophers of religion have given some attention to petitionary prayer, liturgy, and sacrifice. But much less attention has been given to the nature, appropriateness, and value of worship in general. Key concepts, such as worship-worthiness, and the sorts of human flourishing that worship might be thought to inculcate, need to be articulated, and philosophically motivated. Indeed, there have been very few rigorous attempts even to define the notion of worship, along with its alleged benefits, and the related notion of idolatry, along with its alleged negativity.

We therefore invite submissions of original work between 7,000-10,000 words that will contribute to this field. Since the special issue will be, in part, dedicated to the promotion of new work in the nascent field of analytic philosophy of Judaism, special consideration will be given to papers that engage substantively with the Jewish tradition. Indeed, philosophical engagement with the notion of worship is likely to be richer when deeply rooted in an understanding of the rites and rituals of a particular faith tradition, and so this special issue's focus on the Jewish tradition will hopefully provide something of a template for similar work in other traditions.

Papers should be prepared for anonymous review and sent to [email protected] by the first of October 2021.

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