CFP: Conatus - Journal of Philosophy 7, no. 2 (2022) SI: Philosophical Management of Stress

Submission deadline: May 15, 2022

Topic areas


This special issue of Conatus . Journal of Philosophy seeks contributions on the topic “Philosophical Management of Stress.” We welcome original articles on the history and influence of diverse life coaching philosophical traditions blended with currently available scientific insights regarding the management of stress and anxiety. The never-ending human quest for life meaning and happiness has been forcing philosophical theories to be continuously tested by events happening in everyday reality. A fundamental empirical knowledge stemming from current scientific evidence is that psychological stress and anxiety are primarily biologically mediated phenomena. Therefore, there is a possibility of critical re-evaluation of ancient and modern philosophical perspectives through an updated conceptual view based on their practical utility in everyday stress management. Submissions should examine topics such as, but not limited to, the following ones:

a. The philosophy and psychology of well-being and happiness.
b. The philosophical psychotherapy of Hellenistic and Roman eras.
c. The philosophical origin of positive psychology.
d. The purpose of good life in humanism.
e. The philosophical management of death anxiety.
f. The philosophical management of individually perceived stress.
g. The philosophical management of social stress.
h. The philosophical approach to cope with uncertainty stress.
i. The two perspectives of happiness, hedonism and eudaimonism.
j. The two perspectives of well-being, through duty and dignity.
k. The philosophical ethics that improves quality of life.

Submissions are due by May 15, 2022.

Conatus . Journal of Philosophy 7, no. 2, Special Issue: “Philosophical Management of Stress” will be published (both print and on-line) in December 2022; all articles published with Conatus . Journal of Philosophy are licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC International license and receive a unique Crossref DOI.
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