CFP: Diderot’s Metamorphoses. Philosophy, Art, and Science

Submission deadline: October 30, 2022

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Lo Sguardo is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal of Philosophy, currently published by Inschibboleth. The Journal is indexed by SCOPUS, Clarivate's Web of Science and several other international academic indexes.

Diderot’s Metamorphoses. Philosophy, Art, and Science

Edited by Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis, Claudio Rozzoni, Alice Barale

Among the eighteenth-century thinkers, Denis Diderot is certainly one of the most difficult to classify. He authored novels, theatre plays, science, and as well as philosophy essays. It is difficult to separate his properly “philosophical” works from the rest of his production. Nor, moreover, would it make sense to do so, because Diderot’s philosophy emerges precisely from the intertwining of all these different spheres of interest and work. The thirty-fifth issue of Lo Sguardo intends to investigate the figure of Diderot in all its different aspects: philosopher, novelist, playwright, scientist, art critic, cultural promoter (with the great project of the Encyclopédie). The aim of the issue is to understand how these features of his work interact with each other and how they contribute to the philosophy that emerges. And finally, to establish the meaning that this complex philosophical heritage can have for today.

Researchers and scholars worldwide are invited to contribute to the issue by sending articles relating to the philosophy of Denis Diderot. Here are some of the questions that might be addressed:

  • The relationships between the writer Diderot, the philosopher Diderot and the scientist Diderot
  • Diderot and the Encyclopédie
  • Diderot’s sources
  • Diderot’s influence on the nineteenth century
  • The meaning of Diderot for today’s Philosophy
  • Diderot Salonnier: between art criticism and aesthetics
  • Diderot and music
  • Diderot and imagination




Please send the paper, complete in all of its parts including an abstract in English (900-1000 characters), to [email protected], by the deadline indicated above. Please carefully follow the journal’s guidelines. All the papers will undergo a double-blind peer review.

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