CFP: The Philosophy of Political Speech

Submission deadline: June 30, 2023

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Special Issue of The Philosophical Quarterly: The Philosophy of Political Speech

Guest Editor: Prof. Justin Khoo (MIT) [email protected]

Call for Papers:

Moving out of the laboratory and into the world of actual human speech raises a host of important questions for theorists interested in the nature of language and human communication. Featuring both invited and unsolicited contributions, this volume aims to shine light on groundbreaking work in this burgeoning applied subfield. We welcome contributions focusing on any aspect of political speech, broadly construed. Possible topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Philosophical analyses of specific phenomena that arise or become salient in the realm of political speech, e.g., dog-whistling, euphemism, insinuation, bald-faced lies, microaggression, hate speech, virtue signaling, protest, threats, teasing, taunting.
  • The value of idealizations in linguistic theories and how they should be relaxed or overturned when it comes to antagonistic contexts, asymmetric communication, and situations where a single utterance may have multiple distinct meanings or effects in overlapping contexts.
  • Normative dimensions of political speech, e.g., what to do about harmful or offensive speech or what kinds of revisionary linguistic engineering projects are worth pursuing.

Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2023

Papers should be sent to [email protected] and must comply with the general guidelines for submissions to The Philosophical Quarterly, which can be found here:

Please indicate in the subject line that your submission is for The Philosophy of Political Speech special issue.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed. We aim at providing reports by late 2023. The Philosophical Quarterly has a one-shot revision policy by default. Should your submission get a R&R verdict, the revised version has to come in by January 31, 2024. The Special Issue will be published in 2024.

If you have questions please contact Prof. Justin Khoo [email protected]

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