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January 18, 2024 - May 24, 2024
Organized by Miriam Aiello (CNR-ILIESI) and Simone Guidi (CNR-ILIESI)

Due to the decline of the concept of the "soul", the rise of new sciences, and the noteworthy geographical and anthropological discoveries of the late fifteenth century, the entire early modern age became a locus for fundamenta...
Institute for the European Intellectual Lexicon and History of Ideas, National Research Council of Italy
November 27, 2023
We are honoured and delighted to have Prof. Dennis Schilling as our Distinguished Speaker for the coming SDCF I-Ching Learning Community Zoom session. Prof Schilling will discuss on the cycle of Life and Death, and the two Yi Jing figures - 17 《隨卦 - Sui》 and 18 《蠱卦 - Gu》.
Date: 27 November 2023, M...
January 1, 2023
Rethinking the Serviceability of Economics to Society (ReSES) project aims to rethink the role of economics in society and how it can address the current and future challenges. The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. It is hosted by the University of Helsinki and TINT - Centre for ...
TINT - Centre for Philosophy of Social Science, University of Helsinki
October 20, 2023 - May 3, 2024
The Legal Philosophy Trident is a partnership between three Universities: Surrey, Pompeu Fabra, and Torcuato di Tella. The Trident seminar series showcases recent work in legal philosophy (broadly construed). Seminars are free and open to all.

The 2023/24 line up and schedule is below:

- Elis...
University of Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy
September 16, 2022
The Inquiry Network WIP Talks feature presentations of work in progress related to inquiry, broadly understood. For example, presentations might discuss (but are not limited to): the epistemology of inquiry, the metaphysics of inquiry, ethical norms of inquiry, historical perspectives on inquiry, or...
November 8, 2022 - July 9, 2024
Society for Philosophy of TEchnology Seminar Series on Planetary Technology.

Confirmed Speakers, Schedule, Registration

The previously announced SPT SIG Seminar series on “Planetary Technology” will start November 2022. Confirmed speakers include Graham Harman, Karen Barad, Frederic Neyrat, ...
Department of Philosophy, Wageningen University
May 15, 2020
Seminars are held via Zoom on Tuesdays, 1–3pm ET, generally once every two weeks. Each seminar consists of a 1-hour talk followed by a 1-hour discussion. The topics mainly focus on philosophy of physics, with occasional forays into other areas of philosophy and science. Registration is required.
June 13, 2022
Online lecture by Krister Bykvist (Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm & Dept. of Philosophy, Stockholm University): “To be or not to be, what is the value?”

Mon, 13 June 2022, 15:00–17:00 CET

Abstract: According to the person-affecting restriction, what is better (worse) must be better (...
German Society for Utilitarian Studies
December 9, 2021
Colloquium Biopoliticum

Thursday 9th of December
14.30–17.00 EET (Helsinki time)

The Colloquium Biopoliticum is a periodic academic event during which researchers discuss work in progress and recent developments in the field of biopolitics. Particular attention is devoted to both his...
July 22, 2021
July 22, 2021 at 4pm CEST will take place the first session of the Logic and Religion Webinar, organized by
"Logic and Religion Association (LARA)."

The topic will be "WHY LOGIC AND RELIGION?"

The discussion wi...
June 23, 2021

Steven Umbrello (University of Turin, Italy): Progress, Not Perfection: Introduction to Value Sensitive Design

Daisy Yoo (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands): Envisioning Cards for Better Futures: Introduction to VSD Methods

2-4pm UTC, 3-5pm CET (Brussels), 9-10am...
June 23, 2021

Steven Umbrello (University of Turin, Italy): Progress, Not Perfection: Introduction to Value Sensitive Design

Daisy Yoo (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands): Envisioning Cards for Better Futures: Introduction to VSD Methods

2-4pm UTC, 3-5pm CET (Brussels), 9-10am...
April 19, 2021
Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol,
March 23, 2021
-23 March 2021, 7 pm

Dr. Jonathan Chimakonam Okeke: "Overcoming the three Challenges of Intercultural Philosophy: A Conversational Approach"


In this talk, I will provide a conception of intercultural philosophy and contrast it with that of comparative philosophy. I will argue ...
Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies, Universität Tübingen
September 30, 2020
Our weekly speaker series (now on Zoom).

30-Sep Nat Hansen, Reading
07-Oct Paulina Sliwa, Cambridge
14-Oct Mark Jago, Nottingham
21-Oct Ann Whittle, Manchester
28-Oct Rachel Handley, CODE University
04-Nov Marcus Lee, Nottingham
11-Nov Maggie O’Brien, Edinburgh
18-Nov Annina Lo...
Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham
October 6, 2020
“The Center Debates” is a new initiative of the Center for Philosophy of Science. Our goal is to promote serious, but respectful and constructive exchanges about controversial topics of interest to historians and philosophers of science, scientists, and the lay public. Typically two speakers with a ...
The Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh
July 25, 2020
An online seminar series exploring the role of mathematics in the scientific study of consciousness
Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, München
March 7, 2020
The Australasian Experimental Philosophy Group has started a weekly experimental philosophy discussion. Fridays 9am NZ time, Thursdays 5pm EDT, Thursdays 10pm BST.
April 3, 2020
In order to enhance the sense of community among researchers in social epistemology during the period of the spread of COVID-19, the Social Epistemology Network is initiating a series of regular (weekly or bi-weekly) online "mini-event" meetings of one hour, held on Zoom, in which researchers from a...