CFP: CFP: Esthetics and critical theory

Submission deadline: November 8, 2022

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Esthetics and critical theory

Estudios de Filosofía

No 68, june-december 2023

Philosophy journal

Invited editors: Anibal Pineda Canabal (Universidad de Antioquia), Pierre Buhlmann (Universidad de los Andes)

In twentieth-century Germany, a generation of thinkers emerged with a worldview characterized by a critique of industrial/bourgeois civilisation. These thinkers found in philosophy the adequate tools to reflect on the political, cultural and artistic productions of their own time and to return, through them, to the central problems of philosophy. These philosophers knew both the cultural upheaval of the Weimar Republic, and the vicissitudes of exile. Despite their heterogeneity, their works are the expression of a new Marxist, Jewish, German, and critical sensibility. Therefore, their thought can be understood as a polyphony of which aesthetics was one of the most important concerns. This volume sets out to explore the main lines of the aesthetic theory of these authors, of those who were theoretically and generationally close to them, and of the repercussions of these theories in decolonial, Latin American, or other traditions of thought.

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Deadline: November 8, 2022

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