Higher-order metaphysics workshop

June 25, 2022 - June 26, 2022
University of Southern California

Mudd Hall of Philosophy, room 101
Los Angeles 90089
United States


University of Southern California

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  • Andrew Bacon (USC) - " The continuum hypothesis in higher-order metaphysics" (keynote)
  • Michael Caie (Toronto) - "Being Hesperus and being Phosphorus" (keynote)
  • Andreas Ditter (MIT) - "Essence and grain"
  • Sam Elgin (UCSD) - "Definition by proxy"
  • Alice van't Hoff (Princeton) - "Truthmakers for higher-order ontology"
  • Alexander J. Roberts (Oxford) - "Mere permutations of individuals"
  • Ethan Russo (NYU) - "Truthmaker Semantics as Metaphysics"
  • Isaac Wilhelm (National University of Singapore) - "Typed composition as typed identity"

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June 17, 2022, 11:45pm PST

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