CFP: Facing Death

Submission deadline: August 15, 2013

Conference date(s):
November 27, 2013 - November 29, 2013

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Conference Venue:

Rhodes University
Grahamstown, South Africa

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A thought with roots in the Phaedo has it that to philosophize is to prepare for or learn how to die. Though taken up by Cicero and Montaigne, this thought has generated little discussion since. Yet it would seem that philosophers are in a good position (although by no means a unique position) to discuss the appropriate attitude(s) to take to our own deaths.

Epicurus argued that since death does not harm us, we should look to our own deaths with neither fear nor dread. Most of the recent English-language work on death has been *in response to* Epicurus (and his follower Lucretius), exploring ways in which death harms us. But few writers have taken a *lead* from Epicurus, and explored ways in which we might think of death in order to have the right attitude towards it.

Contributors to this two-and-a-half day workshop will aim to fill this gap, with papers answering or exploring the question 'How should we confront death?'

Speakers will include Ben Bradley (Syracuse) and JJ Valberg (formerly University College London).

Abstracts of at least 500 words (or full papers) should be sent to Ward E. Jones,, by 15 August 2013.

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