2nd (Online) Summer Conference in Continental Ethics: Levinas

June 23, 2022 - June 25, 2022
Department of Philosophy, Vytautas Magnus University



  • West Virginia University


Université de Montréal
The New School
Dominican University


Vytautas Magnus University
West Virginia University

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June 23-25, 2022


Time zones indicated: Eastern European Summer Time EEST (Vilnius, Riga) & Eastern Standard Time EST (Morgantown, New York)


Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82975935291


Thursday, June 23

4:45pm EEST/9:45am EST: “Paternity Without Patriarchy and Other Possible Futures” – Clayton Bohnet (Central Washington University)

5:30pm EEST/10:30am EST: “Prefiguration versus Un-completion by the Other: Derrida, Levinas versus Hegel – Gintautas Mažeikis (Vytautas Magnus University)

6:15pm EEST/11:15am EST: “Levinas’ Ethics of the Foreign Human” – Dragan Pole (University of Novi Sad)

15 minute break

7:15pm EEST/12:15pm EST: “The Ethics of Blanchot – la parole plurielle” – Mark Hewson (Fiji National University)

8:00pm EEST/1:00pm EST: “The Aporia of Separation: Levinas with Plato” – Bernardo Portilho Andrade (Emory University)

Friday, June 24

3:00pm EEST/8:00am EST: Friday Keynote: “On Mysticism” – Simon Critchley (New School for Social Research)

15 minute break

4:45pm EEST/9:45am EST: “Subjectivity, Affect, and Biology: Bergson’s Influence on Levinasian Ethics” – Miguel Paley (New School for Social Research)

5:30pm EEST/10:30am EST: “War and the Woman in Levinas: On the One-Sidedness of Levinas’ Key Concepts” – David F. Hoinski (West Virginia University)

6:15pm EEST/11:15am EST: “Hypostasis and its Problems in Levinas’ Account of the Constitution of the ‘I’” – Iraklis Ioannidis (Morgan Academy, Dundee, Scotland)

15 minute break

7:15pm EEST/12:15pm EST: Friday Keynote II: “Four Intellectual Threads in Levinas’s Thought” – Bettina Bergo (Université de Montréal)

Saturday, June 25

3:00pm EEST/8:00am EST: Saturday Keynote: “Emmanuel Levinas and the Crisis of Absolute Value” – Drew M. Dalton (Dominican University, USA)

15 minute break

4:45pm EEST/9:45am EST “The Problem of the Face for Critical Phenomenology” – Caleb Ward (University of Hamburg)

5:30pm EEST/10:30am EST: “The Tentative Ethics of Home” – Viktoras Bachmetjevas (Vytautas Magnus University)

6:15pm EEST/11:15am EST: “‘A Traumatism of Astonishment’: On the Possibility of Extending Levinas’s Ethical Thought Beyond the Human” – Kaleb Cohen (University of Montana)

15 minute break

7:15pm EEST/12:15pm EST: “Two Visions of Asymmetrical Ethics: Levinas and Løgstrup” – Alexander Altonji (New School for Social Research)

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