Between Secrecy and Privacy
M R. X. Dentith (Beijing Normal University)

December 14, 2022, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Center of International Philosophy, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai



Beijing Normal University

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Date: December 14th - 4pm China Standard Time

Speaker: Associate Professor M R. X. Dentith

Title: Between Secrecy and Privacy

Abstract: Most philosophical discussions about personal secrecy treat such secrecy as an epiphenomena of personal privacy. I think this is an understandable mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. In this talk I will distinguish between being secretive about your personal life vs. being privative (AKA being someone who is described as being private about your personal life) and how being privative is significantly different from acting secretively. Being privative is an attitude; being secretive is an action. I will also talk about the difficultly of distinguishing between someone being privative and someone being secretive, and how that contributes to why people think secrecy and privacy are interrelated when they ought to be treated as separate.

Bio: M R. X. Dentith is an Associate Professor in the Center for International Philosophy (Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai). Their research concerns the epistemology of conspiracy theories, fake news, and rumours. In 2014 they published the first single author philosophical monograph on conspiracy theory, The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories (Palgrave, 2014), and in 2018 they edited the collection Taking Conspiracy Theories Seriously (Rowman and Littlefield), which brought together work in Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology to argue that a prima facie dismissal of conspiracy theories is unwarranted. They are currently working on a new monograph, Understanding Conspiracy Theories (Manchester University Press).

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