Philosophy of Mathematics: Foundations, Definitions, and Axioms

September 29, 2022 - October 1, 2022
Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia

Palazzo del Broletto, Piazza della Vittoria, 15
Pavia 27100



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Philosophy of Mathematics: Foundations, Definitions, and Axioms

Fourth international conference of the Italian Network for the Philosophy of Mathematics – FilMat  

September 29 – October 1, 2022
IUSS Pavia  

Organized by:
Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia
Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa


Under the auspices of: AILA, SFL, SIFA, SILFS  

Thursday, September 29  

9.50-10.00 Opening

10.00-11.00 Laura Fontanella (University Paris Est Créteil) 
The evolution of the proofs-as-programs paradigm through realizability

11.00-11.10 Short break

11.10-11.50 Jann Paul Engler (University of St Andrews) 
Sheaves for Intuitionistic Logic

11.50-12.30 Samuele Maschio (University of Padua)
 A Minimalist Approach to Foundations of (Constructive) Mathematics

12.30-14.00 Lunch break

14.00-15.00 Luca Bellotti (University of Pisa )
Notes on the (Un)provability of Consistency

15.00-15.10 Short break

15.10-15.50 Julien Murzi (University of Salzburg) and Brett Topey (University of Salzburg)
 The Omega Rule and the Categoricity Problem

15.50-16.30 Simon Schmitt (University of Turin) 
Kripkean Satisfaction for Unrestricted Higher-Order Languages

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

17.00-18.00 Lorenzo Rossi (University of Turin)
 Compositionality and Paradoxes

18.00-18.10 Short break

18.10-18.50 Nuno Maia  (University of Oxford) 
No Arithmetical Determinacy From Supertask Computations

18.50-19.30 Emanuele Bottazzi (University of Pavia) 
The Role of Physical Intuitions in Mathematical Models Of Uniform Chances    

Friday, September 30  

9.30-10.00 Francesca Biagioli (University of Turin) 
Dedekindian Abstraction and Its Philosophical Background

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.40 Saša Popović (University of Belgrade, University of Rijeka) 
Veronese’s Investigation of the Archimedean Axiom and the Foundations of non-Archimedean Geometry

11.40-12.20 Georg Schiemer (University of Vienna) 
Hilbert’s Early Metatheory Revisited: Categoricity and Interpretability

12.20-13.00 Paola Cantù (University Aix-Marseille) 
Axiomatic Definitions in the Peano School

13.00-14.00 Lunch break

14.00-15.00 Joel David Hamkins (University of Notre Dame) 
Fregean Abstraction in Set Theory—a Deflationary Account

15.00-15.10 Short break

15.10-15.50 Luca Zanetti (Politecnico di Milano) 
Is Hume’s Principle Analytic?

15.50-16.30 Ludovica Conti (School of Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia)
 Arbitrary Abstraction and Logicality

16.30-17.10 Inger Bakken Pedersen (University of Vienna) 
Coherentist Structuralism: Structures as Thin Objects

17.10-17.40 Coffee break

17.40-18.20 Robert Schwartzkopff (University of Hamburg) 
The Linguistic Foundation of Arithmetic

18.20-19.00 Rachel Boddy (University of Utrecht) and Robert May (University of California, Davis) 
Definitions and The Proof of Referentiality

19.00-20.00 [FilMat Assembly]  

Saturday, October 1  

9.30-10.10 Nicola Bonatti (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich) 
The Reflective Equilibrium of Intended Models

10.10-10.50 Joan Bagaria (University of Barcelona, ICREA) and Claudio Ternullo (University of Barcelona) 
Intrinsic Evidence for Large Cardinals and Structural Reflection

10.50-11.20 Coffee break

11.20-12.00 Leon Commandeur (University of Bergen) and Robert Passmann (University of Amsterdam) 
Does Logical Pluralism Entail Mathematical Pluralism, or Vice Versa?

12.00-13.00 Michael Hallett (McGill University) 
Reflections on Relativism in Set Theory  


Conference venue: Palazzo del Broletto, Piazza della Vittoria 15, 27100 Pavia, Italy. Room: Sala del Camino, 2nd floor.  

Practical information: Information about the conference venue and accommodation is available on the FilMat website.  

Registration: Attendance is free and everyone is welcome. For organizational reasons, please register for the conference by writing to [email protected] (subject: Registration to FilMat).  

Scientific committee 
Francesca Biagioli (Turin), Luca Bellotti (Pisa), Patricia Blanchette (Notre Dame), Francesca Boccuni (San Raffaele Milan), Laura Crosilla (Oslo), Laura Fontanella (UPEC), Michéle Friend (GWU), Valeria Giardino (CNRS, Institut Jean Nicod), Micheal Hallett (McGill), Joel Hamkins (Notre Dame), Gabriele Lolli (Academy of Sciences, Turin), Carlo Nicolai (KCL), Marco Panza (Chapman & CNRS), Mario Piazza (SNS Pisa), Matteo Plebani (Turin), Lorenzo Rossi (Turin), Luca San Mauro (Sapienza University of Rome), Andrea Sereni (IUSS Pavia), Giorgio Venturi (Campinas).  

Steering Committee
 Mario Piazza (SNS, Pisa), 
Luca San Mauro (Sapienza University of Rome), Andrea Sereni (IUSS, Pavia)

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