Degrees of Consciousness
Andrew Y. Lee (Australian National University, University of Oslo, University of Toronto at Scarborough)

October 7, 2022, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Dianoia Institute of Philosophy, Australian Catholic University

Level 4, room 460.4.28
250 Victoria Parade
Melbourne 3002


Australian Catholic University


Is a human more conscious than an octopus? In recent years, a number of philosophers have argued that the notion of degrees of consciousness is conceptually confused. I'll (1) argue that the most prominent objections to degrees of consciousness are unsustainable, (2) develop an analysis of what it is for a degreed property to count as degrees of consciousness, and (3) apply the analysis to some theories of consciousness. On my view, whether consciousness comes in degrees ultimately depends on which theory of consciousness turns out to be correct. But I'll also argue that most theories of consciousness entail that consciousness comes in degrees.

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