CFP: Moral Progress

Submission deadline: December 21, 2022

Conference date(s):
March 23, 2023 - March 24, 2023

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics, Georgia State University
Atlanta, United States

Topic areas


This interdisciplinary conference will bring together leading scholars in philosophy, political theory, economics, and related fields, to present original scholarship on the conceptual, substantive, and related dimensions of moral progress.

Possible topic areas include:
• The [in]coherence of the notion of moral progress
• Material progress as [evidence of] moral progress
• The social institutions for seeking, realizing, and sustaining moral progress
• Are Western modes of technological progress consistent with moral progress?
• Evoconservatism and prospects for moral progress
• How/whether increasing moral attention to nonhuman animals counts as moral progress
• Monistic vs. pluralistic accounts of moral progress
• Standards of justification for pursuing moral progress
• Standards for justifying claims about moral progress
• Biomedical moral enhancement and moral progress

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