CFP: Jacques Maritain and Interreligious Dialogue

Submission deadline: August 9, 2013

Conference date(s):
November 8, 2013 - November 9, 2013

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Conference Venue:

University of St. Michael's College
Mississauga, Canada

Topic areas


Jacques Maritain, firmly rooted in the Christian Source of his own conversion to Roman Catholicism, offers ample appreciation of the world’s other major religions. He acknowledges natural mystical experience, even graced encounter, among Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims. Most prominent is the attention Maritain gives to Judaism, having expressed strong public opposition to anti-Semitism before, during and after the Second World War, as well as having influenced the expression of Nostra Aetate, the Second Vatican Council document which seeks reconciliation with Judaism. Papers concerned with Maritain’s contribution to interreligious dialogue in general or in relation to specific religions are welcome, along with papers exploring interreligious dialogue from within a context other than the work of Jacques Maritain.  

The CJMA welcomes proposals from individuals who are interested in presenting a paper at its 2013 fall conference.  

We invite papers, in English or French, relating to the conference theme. Selected papers will be published in Études maritainiennes-Maritain Studies.  

Those who wish to present a paper should send a one-page abstract or proposal to:  

Dr. Walter J. Schultz 1201-1201 Walden Circle Mississauga , ON L5J 4M1 Canada Voice: 905-823-4490 Email:  

Deadline for submission of proposals: August 9, 2013  

Papers should not exceed 35 minutes reading time.

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