Ethics and Epistemology of Virtual Reality

March 31, 2023 - April 2, 2023
Department of Philosophy and Religion, Northeastern University

Room 909
Renaissance Park, 1135 Tremont
Boston 02176
United States

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  • Northeastern Ethics Institute
  • Khoury College of Computer Sciences
  • Northeastern University College of Social Sciences and Humanities


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Northeastern University
Northeastern University

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Virtual reality is a hot topic both practically and philosophically. In 2021 Mark Zuckerberg announced that the “metaverse” would be the successor to the internet. And in 2022 the philosopher David Chalmers came out with the book Reality+, which champions the value of “simulated life.” Chalmers takes as his starting point the hypothesis that we are likely in a simulation right now and don’t know it. What is certain, however, is that the use of virtual and augmented reality is spreading. Virtual and augmented reality systems are being used in video games, dating, healthcare, job training, military operations, and cultural institutions. While many of these systems are in very early stages, it is imperative that we engage now in serious reflection on their ethical and epistemological ramifications. This conference provides an opportunity for scholars to gather together to reflect on what virtual and augmented reality means for our understanding of ourselves and our society.  

The Information Ethics Roundtable is a yearly conference, which brings together researchers from disciplines such as philosophy, information science, communications, public administration, anthropology and law to discuss the ethical and epistemological issues related to emerging information technologies.  

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March 24, 2023, 9:00am EST

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