CFP: CFP: Special issue of Diametros: Populism as a challenge for public health ethics

Submission deadline: January 31, 2023

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We invite authors to contribute to a special issue of Diametros - A Journal of Philosophy

By focusing the special issue on the manifestations of populism in public health, the aim is to encourage authors from different disciplines to submit scholarly papers on the problem. We hope that it will not only enrich ethical or philosophical reflections on public health issues but also be of value for political science, law, medicine and health sciences and policymakers. 

Public health ethics is often focused on practical goals, most of which need to be introduced to the general public through regulatory and/or communicatory means. It often makes those goals considerably dependent on the state and/or political support. The issue of populism in recent years has attracted significant attention from scholars, but its connections with medical policy and the ethics of public health have not received sufficient attention. However, the pandemic has helped bring to light the interconnection between current political conflicts and public health decisions and policies. The goal of the upcoming special issue is to encourage scholars to approach the questions to be found at the crossroads between the ethics of public health and policymaking.

We seek contributions addressing ethical, philosophical, and regulatory problems. For example, interesting topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Decision-making regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including issues of lockdown restrictions, distribution of scarce resources, vaccination, etc.
  • Public trust in science, including medical sciences
  • Public health communication
  • Antivaccination movements
  • Populism in beginning-of-life debates (e.g. PGD, IVF, abortion, among others)
  • Populism in end-of-life debates (e.g. palliative care, assisted suicide, euthanasia, among others)
  • Inequalities in access to healthcare
  • Inequalities that result from different health policies
  • Racial and gender discrimination in healthcare contexts
  • Other issues concerning the populist impact on healthcare and medicine.

Practical information

The deadline to submit papers is 31st January 2023. Please send papers via the Diametros submission system: and choose the section: ‚Populism as a challenge for public health ethics’.

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For more information, we encourage you to visit our website or to contact the editor of the special issue, Karolina Wiśniowska (karolina.wisniowska[at]

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