CFP: ANALÍTICA - Journal of Philosophy - Panama

Submission deadline: July 31, 2023

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ANALÍTICA is an annual academic journal on Philosophy edited by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Panama whose purpose is to disseminate original and unpublished research and short essays in the field of philosophy, welcoming national and international contributions, written in Spanish and English. The journal also publishes reviews of current philosophical works, which must not be older than three years from their publication, and translations of articles of philosophical interest that have not been translated into Spanish or English.  

All submissions must include the following:  

  • Title 

  • 200-300 words abstract written in English (not applicable to book reviews and translations) 

  • 3-6 Keywords 

  • The body of the text (3000-10000 words long)  

  • Bibliography or list of references 

Book reviews, either descriptive or critical, should not be longer than 3000 words, and must not contain footnotes. All contributions must be submitted as Word documents (.docx format). Citations, references, and bibliography should follow the guidelines found in the 7th ed. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: The Official Guide to APA Style.  All contributions should be sent to  [email protected]

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