Alexander Baumgarten's Metaphysics: Sources, Interpretation and Influence

March 27, 2014 - March 29, 2014
La Salle University

United States

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  • Greater Philadelphia Philosophical Consortium
  • North American Kant Society
  • American University of Beirut

Main speakers:

Henry Allison
University of California, San Diego
Paul Guyer
Brown University
Gary Hatfield
University of Pennsylvania
Desmond Hogan
Princeton University

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Three-hundred years after the birth of Alexander Baumgarten, La Salle University is hosting a conference devoted to his influential Metaphysica. In addition to being the scientific foundation for all of Baumgarten’s other writings, the Metaphysica is arguably the single most important textbook on the topic published in the German tradition prior to Immanuel Kant. It provides by far the richest, clearest, most concise and most systematic presentation of a complete metaphysical system of the kind envisioned by Leibniz and Wolff. It went through seven Latin and two German editions over a span of twenty-seven years during which it provided the model of philosophical instruction for thinkers such as Mendelssohn, Abbt, Kant, Herder, Eberhard and Maimon. In particular, it formed the basis of Kant’s lectures on metaphysics, anthropology and religion over four decades. Now, for the first time, it is available to scholars in both German (holzboog-frommann, 2011) and English (Bloomsbury, 2013). 


Organization and selection committee: Courtney D. Fugate (AUB), John Hymers (La Salle University) and Chris Johns (AUB).

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