Meeting the Other as a Challenge

April 15, 2023 - April 29, 2023

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National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (PhD)

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Meeting the Other as a Challenge is the topic of XV International Academic Conference “Philosophy: The New Generation” that will take place in the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" in April 2023. Due to energy and safety situation in Ukraine, specific dates will be announced later.

Is it possible to map the Other? Can we make sketches on the borderlines of disciplines and approaches to various experiences of otherness, it's ways of functioning and construction of the Other? From the condition of war and other disruptions, from (neo)colonial oppression to ways of meeting the non-human, the Other penetrates the work of our intellect capabilities and requires conceptualization.

We encourage you to join the discussion of these topics and expect your contemplations to include but not be limited to the following directions:

1)Other life experience

-pandemic experience

-war experience

-disability experience

2)Other methodologies and topics

-feminism, gender studies, intersectionality

-decolonisation, postcolonialism

-philosophical reflection of “Other” (Other and Me, Other as foreign)

-philosophical traditions outside Western philosophy: national philosophies, Muslim tradition, Eastern philosophy, African philosophy

3)Other as non-human

-artificial intelligence, extra-terrestrial civilisations

-God, deity, the sacred

-animals, plants, mushrooms

4)Other as a review of the canonical

-other as interpretations of canonical topics and texts

-other topics and texts of canonical philosophers

We invite people who are obtaining or have obtained philosophical or related degrees to reflect on the Other in their abstracts.

To apply, please send your abstract and such personal information as your full name, your institution, current qualification and year of studying, faculty and department, your contact information (phone number, email and social media links If present) to [email protected]

Application deadline: February 19, 2023

Formal requirements for the abstracts:

- Text: max 4500 characters with spaces;

- Font: Times New Roman, size 12; 1,5 space;

- Specify your name and surname, institution, faculty, specialization, and title (canter alignment) at the top of the document with an abstract;

- The title of the document must include the author’s surname;

- In-text citations and bibliography must be formatted according to the APA style

In order to develop the culture and strengthen the standards of academic research, we encourage you to adhere not only to the guidelines of academic integrity (zero tolerance for plagiarism), but also to the following substantive requirements for abstracts:

-avoiding the summarizing style (retelling sources instead of critically reinterpreting them)

-having a research objective, thesis statement etc. that demonstrates going beyond retelling

-having a researcher's stance, the voice of the author

-having references to academic sources

Working languages: Ukrainian and English.

The organizing committee has a right to reject materials that do not meet the formal or content requirements or violate the rules of academic integrity. We intend to publish the abstracts. Participation in the conference is free. The conference will be held online on Zoom.

Our contact information:

[email protected]

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