CFP: 4th Annual Notre Dame HPSTV Conference

Submission deadline: January 27, 2023

Conference date(s):
March 31, 2023 - April 1, 2023

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Conference Venue:

John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, United States

Topic areas


HPS&: Integrating HPS with Other Disciplines

Scholars from a number of academic disciplines dedicate themselves to studying the place of science in its historical, social, cultural, and intellectual contexts. The multifaceted approaches subsumed under the broad field of Science Studies – primary among these approaches being the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) and Science and Technology Studies (STS) – offer opportunities to uncover and promote new images of science and scientific work. The work of Science Studies scholars provides perspectives on science that have far-reaching implications in realms such as scientific research, science policy, and science education.

Aiming to balance interdisciplinarity with integrated scholarship, the discipline of HPS is characterized by its willingness and ability to engage in a variety of interdisciplinary conversations in its pursuit of creating new images of science. In an effort to better articulate an integrated approach to the History and Philosophy of Science, many groups such as the Committee for Integrated HPS and their &HPS conference series have focused on sorting out the relationship between historical and philosophical methodologies within HPS. In an effort to build upon this work, the graduate students of the University of Notre Dame’s History and Philosophy of Science Ph.D. program, administered by the John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, will convene a two day conference on March 31 – April 1, 2023 around the theme of HPS and interdisciplinarity. The conference aims to step beyond conversations of integrated HPS and to explore how HPS scholars can interact with scholars from neighboring fields outside of HPS to promote interdisciplinary research into the place of science and technology in society.

The Fourth Annual Notre Dame History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Values (ND HPSTV) Graduate Conference therefore aims to address such theoretical and methodological questions as: How can the historical and philosophical scholarship of HPS influence and be influenced by disciplines such as theology, literature, media studies, or education? Without sacrificing the core of HPS (whatever that might be), what insights can be gained through a study of science that aims to integrate HPS with the humanities more broadly? How can this scholarly interaction help us better understand the place of science and technology in society? Rather than being “passive/neutral observers” of scientific practice, how can HPS scholars more actively engage with practicing scientists to promote the benefits of HPS perspectives?

We invite graduate student submissions from any field, with a preference for work within history and/or philosophy of science or work which engages substantially with HPS scholarship and methodology. Interdisciplinary-, theory-, and practice-oriented approaches are welcome. Some appropriate topics of interest might include: history and philosophy of the social sciences; science-engaged theology; policy-oriented philosophical and historical projects; employing HPS in science pedagogy; relationship between HPS and STS; relationship between HPS and historical or philosophical studies of medicine; projects employing data-driven methodologies to study HPS; the use of data in ethics; and the incorporation of HPS perspectives into scientific work.

Abstracts (500 words) for a 20 minute presentation or brief (100 word) poster proposals should be submitted by emailing the abstract or proposal, along with a presentation title, to the conference committee at [email protected]. In an effort to effectively cultivate interdisciplinary conversations, we encourage applications and presentations to avoid using disciplinary-specific technical jargon. Please note that we are only accepting abstracts and proposals from graduate students. Preference for the presentations will be given to graduate students outside of Notre Dame, but Notre Dame students may still submit abstracts and poster proposals. The deadline for submission is January 27, 2023. Confirmation of receipt of your submission will be provided. Acceptance decisions will be sent out by mid-Febrary. We intend to hold the conference in person, but speakers may be asked to present virtually if there are extenuating circumstances. For more information or questions about the conference, please email [email protected].

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