CFP: Special issue of Topoi on "Truthmaker Semantics: What, What For, and How?"

Submission deadline: July 1, 2023

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We invite submissions for a special issue of Topoi on the topic of truthmaker semantics, to be edited by Alessandro Cecconi (Geneva), Fabrice Correia (Geneva), and Martin Glazier (Geneva).

On (the simplest form of) the truthmaker approach to semantics, the meaning of a statement is taken to be the set of states which exactly verify it. Truthmaker semantics differs from possible worlds semantics in its use of states rather than whole worlds, and it differs from other forms of situation semantics in its use of an exact notion of verification, requiring a state to be wholly relevant to the statement it verifies. In great part through the work of Kit Fine, the truthmaker approach has recently been thoroughly developed and applied to many different topics, both within philosophy and in other areas. This special issue aims to include work on the foundations, development and applications of the framework, including critical discussions or arguments that the benefits of truthmaker semantics can be had in other frameworks, such as that of possible worlds semantics. Confirmed contributors include Michael Deigan, Louis deRosset, Federico Faroldi, Kit Fine, Johannes Korbmacher, Stephan Krämer, Jon Litland, and Pierre Saint-Germier.

Please submit your paper by July 1, 2023 via Editorial Manager at . All submissions will undergo standard review procedures, including double-anonymous refereeing, and should be prepared according to the journal’s guidelines, available at . When uploading your paper, please be sure to select “SI Truthmaker Semantics (Glazier et al)”  in the drop-down menu for "Article Type".

If you have any questions, please contact Martin Glazier ([email protected]). Note that we cannot accept submissions via email.

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