CFP: Nostalgia Movements - visualising past in the post-digital present

Submission deadline: January 6, 2023

Topic areas


The edited volume "Nostalgia Movements - visualising past in the post-digital present" (working title) will collect papers from the international interdisciplinary conference "Nostalgia movements'' to be held in December in Zagreb, Croata as well as papers collected through this CFP and published in collaboration with the NGO SF:ius (Social Fringe: interesting untold stories, and Center for Visual Studies in Zagreb ( The publication will be in English and published digitally as a free and open academic resource on this contemporary and highly relevant subject. A smaller run of printed books will be distributed to the authors and the relevant institutions for their libraries.

The concept of the publication is highly inclusive and it aims not only to collect scientific research papers, but also essays, reflections, works of fiction and hybrid works in the field of 'nostalgia studies' with the sole aim at the comprehensive representation of the emerging field of studying nostalgia as a philosophically engaging subject. Therefore we also invite artists, journalists and writers to submit their reflections on the subject. The research papers submitted to this volume will go through peer review process and editing while the rest of the contributions will go through regular editing process.

Some of the proposed topics might include - but are in no way restricted to: nostalgia, memory, counter-memory, post-memory // melancholia and nostalgia // nostalgia as a subject of aesthetics // nostalgia as a subject of phenomenology // nostalgia, scientifically explained // nostalgia and sociality, meaning-making and incentive // nostalgia in literature, film and visual art // nostalgia in popular culture // nostalgia as a technology, culture and policy // nostalgia and the spectacle ....

As a rule, your paper should not exceed 12500 words excluding bibliography, biography and abstract.

Our preferred formatting rule is Chicago Manual of Style - footnotes & bibliography (

To submit your proposal please send us an abstract of no more than 250 words prepared for blind review (a document without references) and a cover letter with your short biography by beginning of 2023 (6.1.2023) to [email protected] or to [email protected]

The selection of papers will be made in the following week and the notifications sent out by 15.1.2023.

The deadline for the finished papers will be set at around the end of March - middle of April 2023. 

The edited volume should be published by the end of September 2023, in time for our next Nostalgia Movements conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us further with any inquiry at [email protected]

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