CFP: New Work On the Philosophy of AI: special issue of Inquiry

Submission deadline: May 1, 2023

Topic areas


  • Description. Inquiry is accepting submissions for an upcoming special issue on new work in the philosophy of artificial intelligence. The issue will have a very broad remit, and submissions can address issues at the intersection of ethics and AI, philosophy of mind and AI, philosophy of action and AI, philosophy language and AI, philosophy of communication and AI, or really any point where philosophy is of relevance to AI or vice versa. The work can be technical or not. Our hope is to bring together the best recent work on philosophy of AI in all areas, and show how recent work in philosophy can shed light on the wide-ranging issues powerful deep-learning systems have made so salient. 

  • Logistics. The deadline is 1st May 2023 (whatever timezone you’re in). The papers should be prepared for blind review and submitted via the Manuscript Central site ( Papers will undergo standard doubly-anonymous reviewing. Some authors will be invited to a conference on philosophy of AI hosted by the AI&Humanity Lab at the University of Hong Kong in the second half of 2023. Direct queries to [email protected].

Supporting material

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