CFP: Call for Papers: Conceptual Ethics and Conceptual Engineering // Perspectiva Filosófica, an open-access philosophy journal

Submission deadline: September 12, 2023

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Call for Papers: Conceptual Ethics and Conceptual Engineering

Sometimes, philosophers suggest ways of improving concepts and beliefs. In these situations, they deal with the question concerning how a concept should be used (conceptual ethics). If required, they propose interventions aiming at a concept's maintenance, modification, replacement, or elimination (conceptual engineering).

In light of this, the present special issue of the journal Perspectiva Filosófica aims to increase the space, in Latin America, for the discussion about the concepts we should employ and the ways to intervene in concept usage.

Appropriate topics and subtopics for submission include, but are not limited to:

- conceptual ethics
- conceptual engineering
- the evaluation (semantic, epistemic, social, etc.) of concepts
- strategies and obstacles for improving concepts
- adjustments in the denotation of concepts
- metalinguistic negotiations
- tolerance and experimental spirit in metaontology
- descriptive metaphysics and prescriptive metaphysics
- semantic-normative aspects of the relationship between thought and speech
- normative aspects of philosophical methods
- semantics and pragmatics of verbal disputes

Extended deadline for submission: September 12, 2023.

Expected publication date: March 2024.

The non-invited articles will be peer-reviewed anonymously. The submission guidelines are available below:

Authors should send submissions directly to:

César Schirmer dos Santos
[email protected]
Special issue editors
Prof. Dr. César Schirmer dos Santos (UFSM)
[email protected]
Prof. Dr. André Abath (UFMG)
[email protected]
Journal editor:
Prof. Dr. Marcos Silva (UFPE)
[email protected]

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