Epistemology & AI

September 8, 2023 - September 9, 2023
School of Philosophy, Zhejiang University

Yuhangtang Road 866

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  • Zhejiang University
  • University of Luxembourg
  • Asian Epistemology Network


University of Hong Kong
Lingnan University


Zhejiang University
Zhejiang University
University of Luxembourg

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The purpose of this workshop is to explore how recent advances in AI technology intersect with epistemological topics and debates. We envisage that the list of central questions to be addressed at the workshop will include:

(i) How (if at all) is it possible to understand, explain and gain knowledge about Deep Neural Networks given the complexity and opacity of their internal operations and training history?
(ii) How might AI technologies be used to supplement and improve our own human epistemic capacities?
(iii) When (if ever) is it rational to rely on AI technologies whose internal operations we do not fully understand when forming beliefs?

This two-day workshop will take place on the main campus of Zhejiang University. There will be 10 talks in total, and 3-4 talks will be selected based on submitted abstracts.

This workshop is a satellite event of ZJULogAI2023 taking place at Zhejiang University from September, 2023. It will also be the first event of the University of Luxembourg’s 3-year project ‘The Epistemology of AI systems (EAI)’, generously funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), as well as a follow-up to the, 1st Luxembourg Workshop on Epistemology & AI which took place in Luxembourg in June 2022.

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