HUMAN BEING IN THE HORIZON OF AUTHENTICITY. Philosophical and religious perspectives

May 10, 2023 - May 11, 2023
“Ovidius” University of Constanța (Romania)

Aleea Universității, no. 1
Constanţa 900470

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Ovidius University Of Constanta

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The rhythm of today's world is an accelerated flow of experiences, social and techno-digital transformations, ideological transitions, political events, economic fluctuations, a rhythm in which man defines his identity with increasing difficulty. Uncertainties and fears have a direct impact on man in the complexity of his condition of life. In filtering and relating to these issues, human meaning claims to be reformulated on the criterion of authenticity, given that forgetfulness and self-denial are some of the most dramatic forms of anxiety and meaninglessness.
The conference aims at a multilateral approach to authenticity and human meaning in today's world from a philosophical and religious perspective, answering some enlightening questions: How do we define authenticity philosophically, theologically, culturally and spiritually? What are the sources and references of authenticity? Is authenticity still a matrix of conformity to truth in a world that claims itself in the logic of post-truth? Do we speak of authenticity or subjectivized and competing authenticities depending on perspectives?

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