CFP: Imagining Anarchist Futures: Possibilities and Potentials

Submission deadline: June 30, 2023

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Dear Colleagues,

It is with great enthusiasm that the guest editor announces a CFP for an upcoming Special Issue on “Imagining Anarchist Futures: Possibilities and Potentials” to appear in the Open-Access journal Philosophies. Emerging from the pandemic and with an uncertain future appearing on the horizon, this Special Issue seeks to solicit paper submissions that imagine and engage with different kinds of possibilities, those built from, and inspired by, a radical vision for our collective future and for radical political organizing. Anarchist theory, over the past decade, has seen a resurgence as a theoretical framework and ways to rethink political organizing and radical subjectivities. With its commitments to challenging hierarchical organizations and its staunchly anti-capitalist stance, anarchism offers us distinct ways in which to rethink power, agency, organizing and dated forms of political identities.

The guest editor welcomes submissions from across the intellectual spectrum and academic disciplines, such as education, sociology, cultural studies, literary theory, justice studies, and the humanities, broadly defined that want to engage with anarchism in creative and novel ways. The guest editor seeks intellectually daring, creative pieces that incorporate not only a unique anarchist ethic, but also to imagine a different kind of future influenced by radical, imaginative visions that challenge prevailing social, political, and economic realities.

Some possible questions to address are:

  • What productive theoretical generations occur when anarchist theory meets other critical theories? What can be imagined for our collective future by such an engagement?
  • What are the creative spaces that exist between anarchism and other radical traditions in the academy? For a specific example, what does trans* theory have to offer anarchism to deepen its engagement with radical political organizing?
  • What does a creatively inspired vision of our collective future look like when engaged with anarchism and other radical potentials?
  • What are the connections that occur when an alternative future is imagined within a decolonial and postcolonial engagement with anarchist theory?

The guest editor welcomes papers that push the limits of anarchist theory and offer wholly imaginative pieces that might not be welcomed in other traditional, academic venues. Please contact the guest editor with any potential inquiries and/or paper ideas.

Dr. Abraham P. DeLeon
Guest Editor

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