CFP: A Workshop on the Philosophy, Psychology, and Computer Science of Causation

Submission deadline: April 23, 2023

Conference date(s):
June 24, 2023 - June 26, 2023

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Conference Venue:

CAPE: Center for Applied Philosophy & Ethics Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
Kyoto, Japan

Topic areas


Formal epistemologists have their FEW, philosophers of reason have their SLACRR, metaphysicians of science have their SMS. Philosophers of causation don’t have anything similar. We think it is high time to rectify this dire situation. This is the first workshop on the philosophy, psychology, and computer science of causation, and we hope more will come. We are inviting submissions from all researchers working on causation, causal cognition, and causal discovery.

Please submit an abstract of 300–1000 words to [email protected]. Specifically, please send an email with your name, the title of your talk, and the abstract in the body of the email and submission as its title. If you have a (drafty or polished) paper, or your abstract can't be easily pasted as text (e.g., it contains figures or symbols), please in addition attach a PDF of the paper or the abstract. Please mind that the more of the argument your abstract contains, the more likely it will be accepted. There will be limited financial support available; please state at the end of the email if your attendance is conditional on receiving such support.

The deadline for submitting abstracts: April 23. We will notify you at the end of April. The workshop itself will happen in Kyoto on June 24-26, 2023. In addition to the talks, we are also planning some sightseeing activities in the evenings and on the days surrounding the conference.

Supporting material

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