Submission deadline: July 1, 2023

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Attention public philosophy enthusiasts!

We’re excited to announce the Bowling Green State University Department of Philosophy’s inaugural Public Philosophy Video Competition.  This is your chance to showcase your creativity and pedagogical and analytical skills in a fun and engaging way.

The competition is open to all ages and levels of experience, and we welcome submissions from around the world.  Whether you are a student, an educator, or simply someone with a passion for philosophy, we invite all to create and submit their original videos that explore philosophical concepts, theories, or questions. Whether you are interested in ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, or any other branch of philosophy, we encourage you to create a short video that explores a philosophical concept, argument, or problem, and submit it for a chance to win prizes and gain recognition.

Your video can take any form you like; it can be an animation, a puppet show, a dialogue between avatars, or whatever you’d like.  What matters most is that it is generally engaging and provocative, and communicates complex philosophical ideas clearly, concisely, and effectively.  It is also important that entries give a philosophically rigorous and judicious presentation of whatever topic they address.

All submitted videos must be:

- at least 4 minutes in length, but no more than 10 minutes

- in high-quality MP4 format


The submissions will be evaluated by faculty in the Department of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University.  The top three submissions will receive cash prizes and have their videos featured on our new video library and social media channels. Additionally, ALL participants will have the opportunity to connect with fellow philosophers and receive feedback from our judges.

- 1st prize $1,000

- 2nd prize $500

- 3rd prize $250


Submit your video by July 1st 2023 and join us in celebrating the power of philosophy to inspire, challenge, and transform. 

Submit: via email (link or attachment) to [email protected] with the heading “BG VIDEO COMPETITION SUBMISSION 2023”.

Please direct any questions to Justin Donhauser also at: [email protected]

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