Science, etc: Explanation, Technology, and Communication

October 19, 2023 - October 20, 2023
Department of Philosophy , University of Washington

Seattle 98105
United States

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The philosophy department at the University of Washington, Seattle is proud to announce a graduate conference titled Science, etc.: Explanation, Technology, and Communication to be held on the UW: Seattle campus on October 19th and 20th, 2023 (date may be subject to change). We have organized this conference with the goal of platforming advanced philosophical inquiry into various dimensions of science, including scientific explanation, values in science, and technological innovation. We are enthusiastic to share that Heather Douglas (Michigan State University) will be joining us in Seattle as our keynote speaker. Professor Douglas is known for her field-defining work in values in science. In particular, she has made major contributions to the project of better understanding science and technology ethics, science advising, politicization of science, and the concept of objectivity. She is currently working on reformulating the social contract for science, particularly for the aims of responsible science, and for protecting science from problematic uses of political power.

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