Lund Family Ethics Conference 2023

May 4, 2023 - May 5, 2023
Unit of Medical Ethics, Lund University


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May 4th  

11:00 – 11:15 Welcome and organisational details

11:15 – 12:05 Daniela Cutas (Lund University), The ethics of intrafamilial reproduction

12:05 – 13:00 lunch break

13:00 – 13:50 Lisa Guntram (Linköping University), What does it take? Instances of moral friction in accounts of uterus transplantation

13:55 – 14:45 Mianna Lotz (Macquarie University), Intrafamilial uterus donation: Entrenching or disrupting norms?

14:45 – 15:05 coffee break

15:05 – 15:55 Lucy Frith (University of Manchester), Ethical obligations within family networks in donor conception

16:00 – 16:50 Ji Young Lee and Ezio Di Nucci (University of Copenhagen), Responsible reproduction and reproductive autonomy


May 5th

9:00 – 09:50 Kristien Hens (University of Antwerp), The experimental ethics of intrafamilial reproduction

9:55 – 10:45 Claudia Wiesemann (University of Göttingen), What’s time got to do with it? Planning intrafamilial reproduction and the problem of prospective responsibility

10:45 – 11:05 coffee break

11:05 – 11:55 Thomas Søbirk Petersen (Roskilde University), Arguments on thin ice: on non-medical egg freezing and individualisation objections

11:55 – 13:00 lunch break

13:00 – 13:50 Liam Shields (University of Manchester), Childrearing relationships: Beyond parents

13:55 – 14:45 Gideon Calder (Swansea University), Young carers and contributive injustice

14:45 – 15:00 coffee break

15:00 – 15:50 Torbjörn Tännsjö (Stockholm University), Children with an unusual origin: A means to a better world?

15:55 – 16:45, Anna Smajdor (University of Oslo), Who needs intrafamilial reproduction?

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April 24, 2023, 9:00am CET

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