September 27, 2023 - September 29, 2023
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Tribulete 14
Madrid 28012

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The upcoming XIVth Spanish Society for Phenomenology International Conference will focus on the factual and possible intertwinement between phenomenology and feminism. The leading clue for this initiativeis the study of intersubjectivity, Husserl´s central concern, according to hundreds of pages and three volumes of Husserliana devouted to the topic. It is not about studying feminism as such separately, nor about conceiving of feminism as a branch of phenomenology. Instead, we intend to discuss and research on the interrelationshipsbetween these two traditions in order to enrich mutually their perspectives on intersubjectivity and recognition.

We will also discuss “feminist phenomenology, whose principal feature is the use of phenomenology in the field of feminist theory, gender studies, as well as “phenomenology and sexual difference”. Phenomenological research on subjectivity and intersubjectivity take into account the lived experience, studied in turn by feminist scholars as different “styles” of being-in-the-world originating in the null-pointof a gendered lived body.

With a view to encouraging further research in the matter and to disseminate resulting findings, the Sociedad Española de Fenomenología (SEFE) and Associação Portuguesa de Filosofia Fenomenológica(AFFEN) welcome proposals that cover the following areas or lines of the Conference:

1.Phenomenology and feminism. “Between” two philosophical traditions.

2.Visibilization of female philosophers in phenomenological tradition (E. Voigtländer, E. Stein, G. Walter, H. Conrad-Martius, S. de Beauvoir, H. Arendt, S. Weil, M. Zambrano, I. M. Young, L. Irigaray, E. Ströker, S. Bachelard, etc.). 

3.Relevance of phenomenological notions to the lived experiences of gender. 

4.Phenomenological intersubjectivity. Inter-subjective relationships. Alterity vs. subjectivity. Women position: subjects, persons, “the Other”

5. Identities, differences, trans-gressions. Queer as a phenomenological-existential category. (Sara Ahmed, etc.)

6. Phenomenological ethics and feminist ethics: between justice and care.

7. Phenomenological aesthetics and feminism.

8. Phenomenology of gender: between materiality and performativity (Judith Butler, etc. )

9. Epistemic injustice from the phenomenological standpoint.

10. Collective intentionality and inhibited intentionality.

11. Phenomenology of the genesis and generativity of the female body.

Organization welcomes both individual presentations as well as thematic symposia. All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

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April 30, 2023, 9:00am CET

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