CFP: Conatus Journal of Philosophy 8, 2 (2023) Special Issue: Ethics of War

Submission deadline: July 30, 2023

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Conatus 8, no. 2 (2023) Special Issue: Ethics of War. Guest Editor: Jovan Babić. Conatus - Journal of Philosophywill publish a Special Issue in 2023 devoted to the“Ethics of War,” with a special focus on ius ad bellum, but will also welcome contributions from other areas of the Ethics of War, and Military Ethics in general. We expect original articles on the history and current articulation of theories aiming to offer justification of war (presumably in the context of its prima facie unjustifiability). Those theories are not restricted to the theory of “just war,” they also include pacifism, realism, neglected theorizing of “regular war,” and possibly other aspects of the logic of human cardinal conflicts and use of exceptional means in their resolution. We encourage contemporary topics, and those specific aspects of modern warfare which seems to be worthy to be explored, especially those not sufficiently explored yet. The following are only examples of other topics that belong here, beside ius ad bellum:

  • ius in bello,
  • ius post bellum,
  • ius ante bellum,
  • the concept of victory,
  • defeat and capitulation,
  • intimacy of war and moral injury in war,
  • new technologies and changes in conducting wars produced by them,
  • terrorism and counterterrorism,
  • state violence,
  • guerilla warfare,
  • military interventions,
  • “soft power,”
  • hybrid warfare,
  • propaganda warfare in many its old and new forms,
  • and even more specific themes like “Thucydides’ trap,” “Justice among unequals – the Melian case,” and similar.

The phenomenon and practice of war is vast and, despite all, rather unexplored, so the authors are encouraged to offer new insights and hypotheses of explication needed to understand and possibly justify this eternally important matter.

We are looking forward to your submissions. Submissions are due by July 30, 2023.

Conatus - Journal of Philosophy 8, no. 2, Special Issue: “Ethics of War” will be published (both print and on-line) in December 2023; all articles published with Conatus - Journal of Philosophy are licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC International license and assigned a unique Crossref DOI.

For guidelines on how to prepare and submit your manuscript please visit, and also contact the Guest Editor, Professor Jovan Babić ([email protected]) with the subject heading “Ethics of War submission.” You should submit your manuscript directly through the online OJS platform at, mentioning in the comments-to-the-editor field the special issue your manuscript is being submitted to.

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