Philosophical Traditions

April 24, 2023 - July 17, 2023
Institute für Philosophie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Room 2094
HU Berlin, Unter den Linden 6
Berlin 10117

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Lecture series

Philosophical Traditions”

Department of Philosophy, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

There is increasing concern in Europe and North America with broadening the canon and diversifying the curriculum in academic philosophy, encouraging more teaching and research in currently under-represented areas of philosophy. This new lecture series contributes to this agenda. Its aim is to be maximally inclusive, to include all philosophical traditions under one umbrella and to emphasize the interconnections between them.

The lecture series will be collaboratively taught, involving both regular members of the department of philosophy at HU Berlin and guest speakers. We hope to run it every summer semester, at least over the next few years, to cover as wide a range of philosophical traditions as possible.

The series will include both wide-angle overviews and more focused accounts of specific traditions. To revisit the material presented and to reflect on questions of philosophical historiography, there will also be ‘reflexion sessions’. Lectures will be in German or English.

Programme for the summer semester 2023

(Monday, 4-6 pm, HU Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, Room 2094; no registration needed)

24.04. Introduction – Michael Beaney, Jonathan Beere, Kristina Lepold and Hamid Taieb

08.05. Ancient Chinese Philosophy – Karyn Lai

15.05. Antike Griechische Philosophie – Jonathan Beere

22.05. Indian Buddhist Philosophy – Amber Carpenter

05.06. Philosophie in der islamischen Welt – Peter Adamson (online)

12.06. Reflexion session: „Mittelalter vs. Frühe Neuzeit? Reflexionen zur Epocheneinteilung“ with Dominik Perler

19.06. Klassische Deutsche Philosophie – Tobias Rosefeldt

26.06. Reflexion session: „Herausforderungen einer Philosophiegeschichte in globaler Perspektive“ with Yoko Arisaka, Rolf Elberfeld and Anke Graneß

03.07. Feministische Philosophie – Mirjam Müller

10.07. Adab: Alternative Formen des Philosophierens in der arabischen Welt  – Nadja Germann

17.07. Early Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology – Michael Beaney and Hamid Taieb

Michael Beaney, Jonathan Beere, Emil Eschenbach, Kristina Lepold, Alexandra Pop, Hamid Taieb

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