DILEMA 2023 Conference on Military AI

October 12, 2023 - October 13, 2023
Asser Institute, University of Amsterdam

The Hague

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On 12–13 October 2023, the DILEMA Project is organising a conference around the complex and interdisciplinary issues raised by military applications of artificial intelligence (AI). The DILEMA conference will offer a broad platform to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue around both theoretical and practical questions related to military AI, and feature some of the latest research insights from different fields, including law, ethics and computer science.

Topics of interest include:

  • The foundational notion of human agency in relation to AI technologies
  • The relationship and interaction between humans and AI systems
  • Principles, values, and norms to guide and regulate the design and use of military AI
  • The construction of human meaning and understanding in contrast to semantics in AI
  • The impact of the limited predictably, explainability, and foreseeability of AI systems on concepts of risk, reasonableness, negligence, and causation
  • Conceptual implications of the risk of AI systems’ errors and malfunctions
  • Opportunities, methods, and limitations of modelling, encoding, and accounting for international law and ethics in the design of military AI systems

Submissions to the conference:

We invite submissions of abstracts (maximum 600 words) on topics related to the theme of the conference. The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2023, 23:59 CET. Submissions must be sent using the online form available at: https://www.asser.academy/register/DILEMA2023submit 

Selection criteria:

  • Relevance to the conference
  • Quality and innovativeness of the research
  • Representation and balance of different disciplines, approaches, and topics
  • Diversity and inclusion

For further details about the conference, please see: https://www.asser.nl/dilema/news-and-updates/dilema-2023-conference-call-for-abstracts/  

DILEMA Project

The conference is organised by the DILEMA project on Designing International Law and Ethics into Military Artificial Intelligence. The DILEMA research project is carried out at the Asser Institute (University of Amsterdam) and funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO). Launched in 2020, it explores interdisciplinary perspectives on military applications of AI, with a focus on legal, ethical, and technical approaches on safeguarding human agency over military AI. For more information, visit the project’s website: www.asser.nl/DILEMA

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