Religion, Logic and AI

September 3, 2023 - September 8, 2023
Logic And Religion Association

Sinaia, Hotel Palace

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  • Ian Ramsey Centre, University of Oxford
  • John Templeton Foundation

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The development of natural language models gives an opportunity to use AI-chatbots in religious discourse analysis, as well as to test them as possible theologians.

Many practical and philosophical questions arise on these grounds. Let us list out only a few of them. Are such chatbots really helpful in those analyses? Can they be really good logicians (if they don't "know" when they say true sentences) and good theologians (if they are not humans)? Can we train a model to make it operating like Thomas Aquinas (or at least some of his disciples)?

At this workshop we will collect results of such experiments which include both theological and logical perspective.

Topics may include, but are not restricted to:

  • testing theological and logical skills of AI-chatbots,
  • comparison of different AI-chatbots/AI-models with respect to such logical and theological skills,
  • advantages of using AI-chatbots in logical analysis of religious discourse (including illustrations),
  • methodological and technical conditions, challenges and opportunities for such enterprises.
We we invite all the scholars who would like to present their results, to submit abstracts by June 10, 2023, directly to Marcin Trepczyński: [email protected]

Workshop Expert: Bruno Banelli

This workshop is a part of the 4th World Congress on Logic and Religion (Sinaia - ROMANIA, September 3-8, 2023). The exact day of the workshop will be specified later. Learn more about the congress:

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