Keele - Bucharest workshop in moral psychology: Moral judgments in the era of new digital technologies

September 4, 2023 - September 6, 2023
Keele University

University of Keele
United Kingdom

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Topic: The 2023 debut edition of the Keele - Bucharest workshop in moral psychology is dedicated to studying and understanding moral judgments in the era of new digital technologies. The purpose of this collaboration is to bring together a multidisciplinary community that aims to lead innovative and cutting-edge research at the intersection of fields such as moral psychology and ethics, with a focus on emerging technologies including Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Autonomous Vehicles. 

The workshop will address a series of problems and central issues in the field:

  • Can/should we use Virtual Reality technologies for moral enhancement purposes (including empathy augmentation)? 

  • What are the main components of the ethical debates surrounding the development of autonomous vehicles (including decisions in extreme traffic situations, privacy related issues, and the role of human intervention)? 

  • How does the internet mediate well-being (including digital well-being across cultures)? 

  • Are new digital technologies a threat to liberty and what is their impact on accountability (including moral responsibility in the digital age)

When: Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th September 2023

Where: University of Keele

Contributors: : Amber Collings, Mihai-Valentin Cernea, Brian D. Earp, Jim A.C. Everett, Kathryn Francis, Toni Gibea, Rohan Kapitany, Ethan Landes, Emilian Mihailov, Radu Uszkai, Cristina Voinea, and Anda Zahiu.

Organiser: Dr Kathryn Francis, University of Keele

Sponsored by: Digital Society Institute, University of Keele and KAVERN (Keele Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality Network)

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